Market Update for Sep 2012

Have a glance t the sales numbers below for Sep 2012 and compare them with my last post with the numbers from August 2012. Prices are up for the homes that sold, but the monthly inventory ratios are steadily creeping up to a point where if no other homes come on the market, it will take between 3.5 to 4 months to get a home sold. The market in the West GTA has definitely found a direction from July, August to September. 

We saw this market in 2008. There are plenty of homes selling and there is great choice for buyers. Understanding the market numbers is the first step is making your real estate decisions – with confidence and without emotion. 

2012 Sep Active Sold/mo Monthly Inventory Sold in 2012 Ave Price Up from Sep 2011
Brampton 1840 501 3.7 6,589 404,526 7%
Mississauga 2,238 661 3.4 8,077 456,806 9%
Oakville 608 155 3.9 1,792 709,129 9%