Clean, Declutter, Discard – SELL

Moving is an emotional experience and getting ready to sell can be equally trying. Here are tips to get ready:

1. Study the entire house – Go room by room. The end result should be to make rooms resemble those in a hotel.

2. Create a spreadsheet – List tasks by room. Paint, accessories, and staging elements.

3. Empty Closets – Buyers LOVE clean, spacious closets. Most people wear 20 percent of the clothes 80 percent of the time.

4. Make these Piles – Items to keep, Give to family or friends, Donate to charity (see my previous blog), Sell online, or Junk.

5. Clear off counters and bookcases – Get rid of 80% of the books. Add home decor items.

6. Spruce up the Kitchen – Unstuff pantry and cabinets. Clean out the Fridge. Less is more.

7. Make Bathrooms spotless – Clean grout, tiles, shower door, vanity and tub. No leaky faucets. Clear out the medicine cabinet. Add crisp white towels, fresh soap, and a plant.

8. Professionalize the office – Most homeowners reference only 5% of their files. Clear up paper piles and file documents. Less is more applies here too.

9. Purge basements, attics, and garages – Move stuff into portable storage bin. You can have it moved to your new home later.

10. Check Curb Appeal all around – Maintain front yard, backyard, lawns, shrubs, fence ,and air conditioner.