My McDonald’s Mornings

My morning starts with my driving my daughter to her school in Oakville. On the way to my office I routinely stop at the McDonald’s on Dundas St. for a coffee. During this routine through my peripheral awareness I have noticed something quite astounding. The manager of this restaurant is a true leader in providing customer service. Brown uniform with tie, everyday. Franchises offer systems and training and you’d expect the same food and service at every franchise. Well, food maybe, but have you experienced the same service at every Tim Horton’s or McDonald’s ? Negative.

This McD’s runs like any other you have visited. Here’s what stands out for me. The manager runs the place like he’s the owner of the place. The place is always clean and on messy winter days seems even cleaner. I’ve seen him shovel the sidewalks and walkways in bone chilling temps and blustery winds. He runs out to deliver breakfast orders to waiting cars. He personally goes around to make sure people are satisfied with their orders. At McDonald’s? (I didn’t get that at Trump Tower). I’ve seen him do walkarounds of the restaurant in the morning like the Captain of a 747 ensuring safety of his systems. On any given day you will see him fill in for any of the jobs – with enthusiasm.

Since I witness this commitment to customer satisfaction every morning, I find it’s a great way to start my day. Are we not all in the customer satisfaction business? Delivering results, solving problems, approaching strangers, keeping in touch, building referrals, dealing with agents, and above all – repetitious boredom.

I guess if real estate doesn’t work out, I can change my script to “Would you like French Fries with that”?

Have a great week.