$1.6 Billion lottery – What will you do?

Last week the Powerball jackpot went to an obscene $1.6 Billion. its not the same as winning five or ten million dollars. This is a lot of money. Let’s see, that is one six and eight zeros. In Canadian Dollars that is $2.3 Billion. That’s more than GDP of some countries.

house 1

What would you do if you woke up one morning and won this lottery?

Would you buy a small island?
Invest in the stock market in hopes of turning it to $4B?
Would you see the World and how many times?
A private jet, that Lamborghini, luxury home on the water?
Would you give to charity, your favourite cause?

Maybe a bit of everything – or nothing.

One place to invest your money is real estate, in which case you will need professional help.

Make sure I get that call.