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Frequently Asked Questions:

What is the best time of year to sell my home?

Unless you are buying and selling strategically for investment, the best time to sell is when your existing home does not meet your current or future needs. Holidays and weather may impact the sale of your home. Winter holidays and the peak summer season keep many potential buyers busy and not looking for homes. Buyers with school-aged children often choose to move during the summer to minimize the challenges with changing schools in the middle of the year.  Homes sell in every season and every month. When do you plan on moving ?

What renovations give the best return on investment?

I’ll give you my top renovations in order by ROI. Keep in mind it is not what you do but how you do that maximizes your return, so it is always a good idea to hire a designer that has a keen sense of style and knows how to appeal to today’s buyer.

  • Paint – interior paint in neutral colours can make the home look spacious and adds to that feel of new.
  • Flooring – Carpet’s out. Hardwood’s in. In addition, there are some great laminate options these days.
  • Light fixtures and lighting.
  • Kitchen upgrade – this is where people spend most time, so go figure.
  • Bathrooms

I want to sell my home and buy a different one. Should I sell first or buy first ?

My suggestion 90% of the time is to sell first. This makes your purchase stress free and you operate from a position of strength. There are times when buying first is the only option. I have worked with many clients that bought first because they found the dream home they did not want to lose it. In this case, make sure you get approval from your mortgage institute to carry both properties.

How do I know what price to ask for my home?

I study several factors when assessing the list price for a property. I review comparative recent sales, current available listings, supply and demand, tax assessment, condition, location, and other micro and macro economic factors.

Do I need a home inspection when buying ?

Short answer Yes.  A typical home inspection costs between $300 to $600 (depending on size) and is paid for by the buyer. It is for the benefit of the buyer and I always recommend that the buyers be present during the entire home inspection.

Should I stage my home before selling ?

Staging can vary from a simple clean up and declutter, to repainting, or refurnishing an empty home. Selling a home in a competitive market is all about standing out above the rest and staging a home can provide that edge.

Should I get a home inspection before selling my home ?

In my opinion it’s a great idea to have a home inspection done at the time of listing. This provides an opportunity to uncover any surprises that may derail the sale completely or cause the home to sell at a lower than expected price.

Are real estate forms available in plain language ?

The following forms offer clause-by-clause plain language explanations of the legal terminology used throughout them. Understanding what you are signing is essential to having a successful transaction.

Agreement of Purchase and Sale in plain language

Listing Agreement (in plain language)

Buyer Representation Agreement (in plain language)

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