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Mississauga Market end of June 2012

Sales for the West GTA are summarized below. There is a lot of talk in the media of a slowdown in the real estate market. This is becoming evident in the slight increase in monthly inventory from 1.7 months to 2.1 months. Note however, that average prices have still risen by approximately 10% from this time last year. Every home style  and neighbourhood has its own supply demand characteristic and it must be taken into account when comparing to general market news.

Active Sold/mo Monthly Inventory Sold in 2012 Ave Price Up from June 2011
Brampton 1718 908 1.9 4,717 404,090 8%
Mississauga 2,282 1,089 2.1 5,802 459,529 10%
Oakville 594 226 2.6 1,308 718,522 9%